Health Resources

Here are some resources for your overall health that I find helpful

For chiropractic care in Indianapolis, check out Premier Sports Chiropractic.  It's made a difference in my life.  Click on the banner above.
Very useful website for your natural health needs.  He's a holistic M.D. if that's up your alley.

Good resource for ordering raw, organic food.  Good Facebook Page too.  Lots of ideas, recipes, etc.

Everything you want to know about eating right and exercising together.  Incredible resource!

Superior resource from Diane Sanfilippo, holistic nutritionist.  Incredible wealth of Paleo info. along with coaching resources, workshops, recipes, and much more.  

Pathways to Wellness in Noblesville, Indiana is a great place for yoga, massage, pilates, lifestyle coaching, and nutrition guidance.  


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