Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ultramarathon Motivation

If you haven't heard of Dean Karnazes, you should.  He is the Michael Jordan of ultramarathon running, something that is out of my brain's capacity to comprehend.  But since I have made a point to keep my eyes open for more things that are motivating this month, I could not pass up a chance to share this with you.  His book, Ultramarathon Man is worth a read, and he's written a few more since then, but Live with Regis and Kelly is giving Dean great pub.  Check it out here....

Dean plans on passing through my neck of the woods, Indianapolis, and I just may sign up to run a leg with him for a great cause.  I think I'm motivated.  You can check on this map if he will be near you.

My long, lost college buddy Brian was always doing something to crack me up back in our days at Hanover College.  Aside from calling me in the middle of the night to see if I started a paper, he would run crazy distances at a young age while the rest of us were just going to bed with a hangover.  I saw the Dean Karnazes video on his Facebook page, and remembered that Brian, a teacher by day, is attempting to run across all 50 states separately, but who in the world has done such a thing?  You can see for yourself here.

You should buy his book about his 4,800 mile run across the U.S. on the Great American Discovery Trail.  I sure miss those days as he's moved to the other side of the world....well....Arizona.  He brought laughter and a different view of the world to my daily college life.  Hope you are reading Brian.  "Tis yawa life!"

So if you are thinking, "That stuff is crazy.  These guys are nuts.  They are full of themselves" well.....I choose to look at it as motivating.  To see humans push themselves to do things they did not think possible only makes me take a look at myself to evaluate how I can accomplish things I never thought possible.  Without Dean Karnazes and my good ol' friend Brian, life would not be as interesting let alone motivating.  So I say, bravo!  

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