Monday, October 24, 2011

The Most Feared Villain of All: The Weekend

If you are just jumping in here you may want to go back and review the following:

Chapter 1: Once Upon a Health and Fitness Plan
Chapter 2:  Keeping Track of it All
Chapter 3:  Villains

And now.....

Chapter 4:  The Most Feared Villain of All!
And the last villain is the most feared of all.  It's consistent and eternal.  There is never an end in sight with this thing.  Imagine something constantly coming after you no matter where you turn.  No matter what you do.  No matter where you go.  And no matter how old you are, this body of evil is always......always there.  The hardest part perhaps is that this enemy comes in triplicate.  
Sure, the weekend looks easy going, relaxing, and care free.  It just lures you in and before you know it you don't know what you've done.  You don't know what you've eaten.  For our guy, he works at a school during the week.  There's structure, routine, and it's easy track food intake.  However, the weekends pose challenges.  

Here's some defense weapons:

--Work out on Friday nights.  When treating Friday like just another day, it becomes easier to not overdo food intake.  It's just like any other day.

--Have a routine to work out Saturday or Sunday (if you need a rest day on the weekend).  Make your workout hard enough to not want to waste it on eating poorly later.  

--Keep busy.  When occupying yourself with some extra structure for the weekend, it's easier to avoid finding your way to the fridge and snack cabinets.

--Plan your weekend meals just like your meals during the week. 

--Allow a cheat meal.  Look forward to it.  Enjoy it.  

--Chop up veggies for the week on the weekend.  This not only creates an easy go-to stash for easy cooking during the week, but it makes the same healthy food available on the weekend. 

--Journal your weekend food.  Remember that great resource I shared in Chapter 2?!

The weekend can be a carb loading, fat inducing, sugar busting killer if you are not careful.  Approach the weekends with some focus.  Establish a routine, and you are sure to kick some....

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