Sunday, October 23, 2011

Winter Weight Management Special

And now...a word from our sponsor.

If you have not been following lately, you must check out the first three chapters of a riveting piece of literature just released.  Start here.

In order to pay the bills, I've acquired the following ad.  Got a good deal on ad space!

Want to keep pounds off as the winter months approach?
Want to maintain focus and increase energy?
Need accountability and motivation?
Need help overcoming those sweet cravings?

ANNOUNCING:  Your Winter Weight Management Health Coaching Mini Package

This includes:
--a one-hour health history consultation
--four one-hour face-to-face consultations
--short and long term goal setting 
--email, text, and phone support between sessions
--personalized binder system with handouts and giveaway items

Price:  $150

For more info. about what I do as a Health and Nutrition Coach, head on over to my website.

For more details, questions contact Craig at 317.919.3848 or at

When is the last time you sat and talked to someone about  your health and wellness?

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