Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Kind of Town Chicago is.....

In a previous post I promised I'd share my experience at my first Crossfit competition, so here goes....

Last Saturday

4:30 a.m.: Alarm sounds
4:34 a.m:  Shower
5:00 a.m.: Depart for Chicago

8:30 a.m.:  Arrive at Crossfit Freedom 

9:35 a.m.:  I'm in heat 5 of the first workout which is......

-In 5 minutes do a 400 meter run carrying a 90 lb. sandbag, then row the remaining time.  Your total calories rowing is your score.
small talk w/my judge

trying to hang on

9:40 a.m.:  I wanted to pass out!

9:55 a.m.:  Recovered and excited about workout #2

10:55:  I'm in heat 7 of workout #2 which entails:  7 minutes of as many rounds as possible of....225 lb. deadlift w/a fat bar/20 sit up's on the GHD machine/30 double unders.


I'm actually asking God for help here!  This sucked!

10:42 a.m.:  I thought I may never get over the GHD sit ups!

11:00 a.m.:  Excited about the last workout and watching the rest of the field compete.

2:00: p.m.:  I am in heat 5 of the last workout which is:  5 minutes of as many rounds as possible of 14 box jumps (30 inch box) and 7 kettlebell snatches of 50 lbs.  

2:05 p.m.:  Proud of myself for choosing to compete with some seriously elite athletes in a great environment of competition.  

This was a day full of eye opening experiences.  Sure, there were crazy fit people there.  Sure, there were folks there with as much body fat as my pinky toe.  But there were also folks like me just trying to see where they stand.  Overall, I finished 53rd out of 71 male competitors that day.  However, that mattered little to me.  What was invigorating was to put myself in a situation that was unfamiliar and just have some fun working as hard as I could.  Here's a few of my other favorite other photos from the day.......

Shirt says, "It's o.k. to stare.  Just don't interrupt." 

Not the best quality shot, but I love the message.

Truly motivating!

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