Sunday, April 10, 2011


Cheese Grits w/Shrimp
Hush Puppies
Island Drinks
Hot Dogs
Ice Cream
Leftovers from my Kids
Oh, and beer

Just some of the gack I took in while on vacation.  Don't get me wrong.  We grilled chicken, burgers, etc. with salad and such for dinners in while feasting on great seafood our last night out, however on vacation I found myself with little conscience about what I was eating, how much I was eating and how often I ate.  All the while, I rationalized it as, "I've come so far.  One week won't destroy me."After all, it's vacation. I've needed a break from work and the stresses of life and I deserve it."  (more on this excuse in a bit)  Then.......
Upon returning home from a 12 hour car ride that consisted of a trip to Crackerbarrel and Chipotle, I woke up the following day to "get back into it" at Crossfit Carmel thinking I'd be a bit off my game, but.......

I attended the 9 a.m. workout which was.......

As Many Rounds As Possible in 20 minutes of......
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squats

After my first round, I felt like.......
No energy, weak, and dejected.  I've never.....EVER wanted to quit a workout in my 10 months or Crossfit until this one, but I didn't.  I took my time and finished with 13 rounds.....much slower than I've done this in the past.  But......I thought it was a good warm up for why I showed up:  I wanted to re-try the Crossfit Games Sectional WOD #3 as I discussed in my previous post.  This was....

165 lbs. squat clean
165 lbs. jerk

On vacation I did this WOD at Crossfit Hilton Head and produced 7 rounds.  Not a great result by competition standards, but I was happy with it by my standards and expectations.  However, on this day, back at home, after the worst workout feeling I ever had, I could barely lift the bar over my head.  In fact, the first attempt at cleaning the weight sent me almost on my a*s!  BLECH!  I felt TERRIBLE and 
I wanted to start sending invitations to my Pity Party before the five minutes were up.'s why I love where I work out.  Here's why I love Crossfit:

People were still encouraging me, screaming at me to keep it up, get after it, stay focused all the while there was Trent next to me....a 44 year old guy pounding out his 26 rounds and Caitlin hammering out her 25 rounds!  And there's me....stating I want to bag it......clearly struggling..... and Lin, the owner/coach, is yelling, "Do another clean.  Just stay in it."  And so I did.  My result:  

2 rounds plus 1 clean. BLECH!!!
Since no one was attending the party I was clearly trying to throw, I reflected quickly on what I'd been doing to my body the past week and refused to pout, kick, or scream (at least not in public).

It's no great secret that eating poorly and not sleeping well have adverse effects on the body.  Certainly, this is not groundbreaking news.  But I made one decision based on this pitfall in which I found myself.  I'm not going this long eating this way again.  It's not worth it based on what I enjoy doing for exercise.  It's not worth the impact it has had on my mood, my confidence, and my spirit....all things often overlooked.

My solution?
--ramp up the veggies (nowhere near enough of them in my body the past week
--eliminate alcohol for a period of time (maybe one or two on the weekend if any)
--eliminate grains for at least a week (going back to my Paleo ways to cut back inflammation in the gut!)
--water, water, water (a given)
--Eliminate cheese (vacation was first time in several months!  Make me lethargic and tears up my gut!)
--Look into juicing (I've been toying with this idea as an occasional cleanse, so stay tuned on this.)
***BE REALISTIC:  Perhaps the most important here......
Clearly I was trying to be the guy on the left.  Who did I think I was?  After all, I'm the one studying to be a Certified Health Counselor.  I'm the one who has proven to myself that proper dietary habits combined with strength training and endurance training can transform my body, my fitness, and my spirit.  I'm the one who has been so excited to lead this new life and so who did I think I was with such an expectation?!?!  Shame on me!  So.....

It's a new day.  A new start to getting back on track.  And it's really no.  big.  deal.  I'm glad I've put myself through two Whole 30 Paleo challenges.  I'm glad I'm studying different dietary theories.  I'm glad I continue to surround myself with like-minded folks.  I think it allows me to not only be realistic, but it provides the confidence to snap right back into action and TAKE ACTION.  In the past, I would have wallowed longer than an hour or two.  I'd string a week like I just had into several weeks, months, and before long I'm right back to where I started on the left side of the My Progress page.  

And so today, my in-laws were in town and took the family out to breakfast, and so we found ourselves a superior spot on the north side of Indianapolis called Tulip Noir, a great place for local, organic food, coffee, etc where the menu changes with the seasons!  I usually dive right in for a smoked salmon sandwich w/cream cheese, bagel, etc., but......remember my solutions above?  Instead I went for the veggie hash and eggs.  Check it out on the Spring menu. (My 8 year old son genetically ordered the smoked salmon sandwich and would not budge on giving me a bite!  Maybe all things do happen for a reason?!)

Have you been in a rut?  What have you done to get out of it?  I'd be interested in hearing from you.  Drop me a comment or an email.

I loved our vacation, our time with friends, the beach.  At the same time, it's good to be home.  I'll keep you posted.....

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