Thursday, September 15, 2011


-Before Crossfit I could not do a pull up.
-Before Crossfit I ran a half marathon in 2:07 one year and 
2:23 the next.
-Before Crossfit my diet was inconsistent.
-Before Crossfit I was not confident about my strength 
or athletic ability.
-Before Crossfit I had no idea about Crossfit.

-I can do ten pull ups in a row.
-I understand what sound dietary habits mean.
-I found success rowing rather than pounding the pavement
-I am able to keep my weight consistent.


I'm stronger than I've ever been.  The other night the Workout of the Day at my Crossfit gym was titled "The Crossfit Football Total."  It entails a one rep max of your bench press, deadlift, clean/jerk, and back squat.  Why the "football" verbiage?  Good question!  

Usually, Crossfit gyms do not utilize the bench press as part of it's workouts largely (inserting opinion here) because it is often looked at as a movement that is not that functional.  Think about it.  How many times are you lying on your back pushing something in the air?  The lifting portion of Crossfit is often about functional movements that apply to life.  Click here to get an understand of what Crossfit really is.  And if you are into football or rugby, you can click here to see what Crossfit Football training is all about.  

My Crossfit Football Total
Clean and Jerk:  205 lbs.
Back Squat:  275 lbs.
Bench Press:  245 lbs.
Deadlift:  360 lbs.
My Crossfit Football Total = 1,085 lbs.

My weight as of today:  240 lbs

I share this today not to brag about anything.  Heck, a guy my size (6'2") ought to be squatting a lot more than that.  I am sharing my progress because not only has Crossfit changed my life, but it has brought form and mobility into the forefront of my fitness mind.  My hamstrings are as tight as fitted sheet and often prevent me from lifting (squatting, deadlifting, etc.) with heavier weight while maintaining sound and safe form.  So another thing Crossfit has done for me is expose me to personal coaching that teaches me to do things not just successfully but safe and sound.  And over time, by working on my mobility issues, my goal is to increase my strength exponentially.  

Before Crossfit, I had no athletic/dietary goals.
Today, I can't wait to reach them.

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