Thursday, September 8, 2011

Crossfit: The Sport

I started this blog as a way to keep myself accountable to me.  It was a way to lose weight and stay motivated.  I figured, if I kept posting, I'd keep disciplined in eating well, and I'd continue to work out.  Thirteen months ago I found Crossfit.  Quite frankly, it changed my life.  It has become my escape from the stressors of life.  It's a community of like-minded folks.  It's place I can go to and expect to get the workout of my life every time.  It's a place where I get individualized coaching and training.  When I first heard about Crossfit, I scoured the internet and thought, "This is for meatheads and lovers of heavy metal.  No way.  I'm not a weight lifter."  However, like most things on the internet, you need to dig to find the truth.  I was completely and utterly wrong.  

When I saw this video, I could not have been more thrilled.  Crossfit is not just a way to work out.  It's not just a gym.  Crossfit is a sport.  And this Fall, the world will find out by tuning into ESPN2, and I could not be more thrilled.

Crossfit is a rapidly evolving sport.  To see the list of Crossfit affiliate gyms around the country, click here.

Here are some other resources if you are interested:

Here's One Guy's Journey into Crossfit.  He's quite the exception, but it's very motivating!

And here's a more realistic Crossfit journey

And if that was not enough.....Check this one out!  Wow!

If Crossfit interests you, make sure you look at all of the information out there.  There are articles like this from the New York Times that state Crossfit athletes forgo technique and push themselves too far, hence injuries ensue.  This is a real issue to contend, however I contend that we all know our bodies and how far we can push ourselves, and a sound Crossfit coach is interested in your safety and your well-being....just like any good coach.  A good Crossfit coach won't allow you to lift weights that are too heavy because your technique is not sound.  

If you are stuck in a rut, not sure what to do for exercise, or just need a change of pace, I would urge you to check out Crossfit.  However, be warned:  It is guaranteed to be THE hardest thing you do EVERY time you step into the gym.  That's why I love it.

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