Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Page Added

I started this blog October 16th, 2010 with one purpose in mind:  To have a creative outlet that will keep me motivated to stay on track with my food and fitness.  At that time, I was four months into my Crossfit training and found major success with the Paleo dietary lifestyle.  Today, nine months, 124 blog posts, a few dollars, and a Facebook page later, I find myself thirteen weeks into a one year program to become a Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

My mission:  To help individuals young and old make good food choices to accomplish their own health and wellness goals.

With a Health and Nutrition Coach clients will learn about:

increasing energy levels
learning what foods are right for them
understanding how life stressors impact diet
managing food cravings
creating a fitness plan that is sustainable
bridging the gap between food and fitness

If that means losing weight, great.  If that means, eating to gain athletic performance, wonderful.  Or if that means, to just learn how to eat and feel better, perfect!  I've mentioned a few times that I work in a school for a living.  My mission their is to help students grow academically and socially.  That passion extends to my work as a Health and Nutrition Coach as well.  

So I've added a new page to the blog.  Give it a look and drop me a line if you have interest in working with me as a client, if you have interest in the Health Coaching field, or if you just have general questions.  I'll be taking clients starting in August, 2011, and I am available to conduct talks in your office, home, wellness center, or anywhere that you'd like to gather some folks and discuss issues about food and wellness.  I have a variety of topics.  I'm also available to provide free health histories, a chance for you and I to sit down for no more than 50 minutes to discuss your health and wellness.

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