Saturday, June 4, 2011

First Giveaway

I've been a bit "off the grid" lately.  It's the end of the school year (I work in a middle school.).  Summer is here.  I've been consumed with family and study for my certification as a Holistic Health Coach.  If you read a few posts ago about my new water bottle, I talked about an upcoming, first giveaway.  Well, here it goes.....

I'm giving away a new product I've discovered.....the new Lifefactory water bottle.  

It's all glass.  No leeching issues.  It has a silicone sleeve wrapped around it, so there is no leaking.

Why am I doing this?  Simple.  Because it's something I like and I think it would be fun to pay it forward.

What you Win:  One 22 oz. LifeFactory glass water bottle.

How Do you Win It:  Do one or more of the following:

1.  Post a comment to this blog on what you do to stay healthy.  What do you do for exercise?  What is your diet like?  Or, what do you wish you could do better with your health?

2.  Blog about this post on your blog, and send me the link to or post link to comments here.

3.  Post this blog entry to your Facebook page and send the link to it at or in the comment section here.

4.  Tweet about this blog entry on Twitter and send me a link at or post to comments here.

If you do all four, that is four entry chances to win.  

I'll announce the winner Wednesday evening!  I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Hi Craig... I don't know if classmates are eligible... but I did share this on facebook, so hopefully some of my non-IIN friends will enter. This bottle is SO cool!

  2. To stay healthy I do workout dvds a few times a week. Right now I'm doing the 30 day shred.

    hewella1 at gmail dot com

  3. Ellen.....of course. Any and all are eligible!

  4. Ashley....thanks for the post. I've not heard of the 30 day shred. Would love to hear more about that!

  5. Zuuuuumba!!!! Eating a whole foods, non-processed diet, drinking lots of water!

  6. Christy.....a group of teachers started Zumba at school and swear by it. Nice. Good to hear from you!

  7. Crossfit, paleo('ish) and I wish I had more time for both sleep and cardio which means I need twice as much time. 1400 total (PL, not Crossfit) is the long term goal, lots of work required to get there.

  8. Reijo: 1400 is reachable. Thanks for all your help at CFC yesterday. You were motivating!

  9. Hot Yoga - Whole Foods - Long Walks - and Living with an Awesome, Healthy Husband

  10. I am walking/running a 5K on Saturday and have been working out this way 4 days a week. I've found a buddy to walk with in the mornings before work and since the pool opened I've been chasing the kids in the water.

  11. Ok, so I've started working out again! I started running again about three weeks ago. BABYSTEPS! I found a great online course mapping system through Livestrong that I have been using to map out courses around here. Last week I did Jazzercise (go ahead, snicker- I do every time I say it), and will be taking advantage of the $6 hot yoga a few times in June. My goal is to build my confidence and endurance enough to use the nine boot camp classes I have pre-purchased at Survival Fitness. The most important thing I have done for myself is to change my motivation. It's always been weight-based. My need to fit into what I believed was beautiful (which is not doable for me). It's no longer about being skinny, it's about my future, my mood, and my legacy I leave for my girls. I hope that I can begin to show them that fitness is not about weight loss alone. We'll see...


  12. Hey! Would love to try this water bottle! I walk by it all the time at WF and am very tempted to buy it!!! :)

    I spend my days chasing two little ones and occasionally do insanity! :)

    I added this to my facebook page and posted it on my blog today!

  13. I workout to improve my health both mind and body! I love to workout with people who enrich my life, my CrossFit family encourages me, giving me energy to continue another day! My food? I eat what is fresh and clean again with people who I love! I avoid toxins, in food and people!

  14. Heather: Very kind of you! :)
    Alicia: So proud of you. Keep it up! Can't wait to hear how it goes!!!
    JMac: You are spot on. Weight can NOT be your sole marker. While it's taken me a long time to get there, it's a huge hurdle. You will be healthier b/c you have reached that point yourself. We must chat sooner than later.
    Lindsey: Thanks for the plug!
    Brenda: You are too funny! You know I love "enriching you". :)



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