Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Growing our Own Stuff

Here's the Spinner version......

....a 20x20 plot in Zionsville, Indiana for $20 FOR THE YEAR!
There's even a real barn with a silo and roosters cocka-doodle-dooing down the street.

  However, I must confess...

It was my wife's idea.  But she doesn't do all the work.

Cheap labor!

I did help, but my wife would not take a break to provide evidence of my weed eating.

My wife's dream is to own some land out in the country, raise some chickens to produce our own eggs, and eat the food we grow.  I've been a city boy my whole life, but I have to say....the idea is intriguing despite how much hard work it would be.  Plus, land where we are is pricy, and we are not in a position to do this right now so we are testing the waters with our own plot of land.  





Sunflower yet to bloom

Oh.....and rocks!

Here's the plot next to us.  We are working on keeping up with the Joneses. Yep, that's right.  Raised beds, organization, flowers, and no weeds!

Our prideful yield for the day.

But we were able to get back home and make a meal of our yield for the day.  Cucumber sandwiches w/fresh turnips.  

And tomatoes!

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  1. The garden looks great. And $20 for the year is super cheap.



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