Tuesday, July 5, 2011

All the Single Ladies (and Dads)

My wife is in Scotland exploring her family heritage with her father and her two sisters.  Of course I'm excited for her.  She deserves every second of every minute and I'm thrilled she is getting to not only get out and see the world, but I'm super happy for her that she gets to spend quality time with her family.  

Back home in Indiana, I've been taking every friend up on their invites to pools, play dates, and cookouts (Sorry New York friends.  I'm not calling it a BBQ.)  We are staying busy to say the least.  I had little thought to how I'd feel for ten days being the sole provider, but I knew I'd be tired.  Tired from the 4,346 questions per day that fly at me.  Tired from trying to plan blocks of time to also include some down time.  Tired from trying to sneak in a visit to the computer, the toilet, or to cut the grass.  Tired from being tired.

One thing that I've thought is how thankful I am that my dear wife and I have partnered to raise our kids to be healthy eaters.  I can now imagine how exhausting this has to be for "all the single ladies" and dads out there who do it alone day in and day out.  While I firmly believe that sound eating habits start with mom and dad, mom and dad must have sound eating habits to start.  Not tooting my own horn here, but this is a health and wellness blog.  In my wife's absence this week, I'm reminded how thankful I am that we do this together:  raise our kids to eat whole foods, to eat their veggies, and to stay away from processed foods, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, etc.  It's exhausting.  I get it.  Trust me.....I'm whipped, but I have a light at the end of my tunnel.

 I did have a visit from a little bird on my shoulder who whispered in the voice of my wife, "Now you know how I feel ever day."  Thanks birdie.

Here's some good information on kids and their diets....

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Play date anyone?

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