Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Proud Mary

I mentioned in my previous post, that I took and impromptu visit with some friends to Baltimore with a quick stop by Niagra Falls on the way home. 

My proud friend Mary, and avid Gleek.....

.........sent me an email about my last post reminding me of all the delectable foods we ingested aside from the home-grown Friday night foods we had.  Allow me to "out" myself and list them for you here:

I'd show you a pic of the gas station pizza we picked up as the kids were jonsin' for something in the middle of nowhere, but I have no clue what brand it was.  
My "proud" friend Mary raises a great topic.  Eating on the road is a tough thing.  We started off our trip (Indy to Baltimore) with high expectations, eating carrots with hummus, almonds, trail mix, and apples.  Proud Mary even packed sandwiches on some solid herb flatbread.  We rolled into Baltimore w/no fast food and nothing processed (minus the beef jerky at the gas station).  But when the well ran somewhat dry and the newness of the food disappeared for the kids, we caved a bit as you can see.  But Proud Mary reminds me of a great point about having sound eating habits.  

Falling off the wagon and enjoying those processed, carb-loaded, nutrient-lacking, but awfully tasty foods is o.k....sort of.  The key is having the will-power to......

......get right back on the wagon and be able to march in the right direction.  For me, that meant Monday was a veggie day no matter what meal it was.  Veggies in my morning omelette.  Salad for lunch, and cucumber salad and carrots with chicken for dinner.  Tuesday brought more the same and so that is my focus this week:  Make veggies the staple of each meal.  No alcohol this week, and getting hydrated is a must.  Twenty-five hours in car is not a good match for lots of water intake.  
Food deprivation is not a good thing.  For me, it makes me want that food even more causing me to eat more of it and then feel terrible while I'm eating it not to mention the guilt after.  Why do I want to feel like that emotionally or physically?!  I think that is why so many folks yo yo when it comes to dieting.  Eliminating chips, fast food, sugar coated foods, and pizza is never a bad thing, but depriving yourself from food is.  

Thanks Proud Mary.  Keep on rollin!

P.S.  Stay tuned for an upcoming post on our family vegetable plot.

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  1. Love it, Craig. Living healthy is the key, and vacations---brief and seldom---from the day-to-day and from the health regimen are fine (for me). I've gotta have Lay's Sour Cream and Onion chips at least twice a year. A whole bag. Even the crumbs. Then I have to lick my fingers and suck it out of my teeth. And then I'm good for a long, long time. :-) Great motoring with you, fine, funny, real friend.
    Proud Mary



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