Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Catalyst

It will be two years this summer since I found Crossfit.  And it goes without saying that Crossfit is the catalyst for the progress I've made with my overall health.  Because Crossfit is "constantly varied functional movement done at high intensity" and "specializes in not specializing," there is always a dog to chase.  In the past two years I've gotten the following from Crossfit:

--A community of like-minded friends, acquaintances, and colleagues with whom to surround myself. 
--A clearer understanding about how to fuel my body for optimal health.
--The desire to become a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach.  
--More strength than I've ever had in my life.
--Pull ups.
--The belief that I can be prepared for anything at any time no matter if it's physical, mental, or emotional.
--A sport where I can compete.

Just yesterday, I competed in my second Crossfit Total Competition.  This involves the following foundational lifts:  The Deadlift; The Strict Press; and the Back Squat.  You can read about the rules here, but essentially you get three chances at each lift.  Your "TOTAL" is the sum of all three of your lifts.

If you asked anyone who knew me growing up if they could see me actually lifting weights, they may keel over in an exhaustion of laughter.  Nonetheless, at age 40, I love it.  However, at 6'2" tall and weighing in at 252 lbs., a part of my brain states that I should be stronger than I am.  Yet, the rational side says, "Chill dude.  It's not about where you are.  It's about where you want to go."  With that being said, here's my point.

A year ago I posted the following numbers for my Crossfit Total:

Back Squat:  300 lbs.
Strict Press:  145 lbs.
Deadlift:  375 lbs.
Crossfit Total = 820

Yesterday, a year later.....

Back Squat: 330 lbs.
Strict Press:  175 lbs.
Deadlift:  420 lbs.
Crossfit Total = 925

Here is my scorecard....

So I'm 40 years old.  I weigh 252 lbs.  I've maintained my weight over the past year.  I'm stronger than I've ever been, and my endurance is pretty good, I think, for a guy my size.  But after yesterday's competition, I was able to articulate what I've been thinking about for some time:

My New Goals
--I want to decrease my body fat percentage.
--I want to keep getting stronger.
--I want to increase my endurance.

There are many byproducts that will become from these, and the above three goals are what I've come to believe will aide me in being the healthiest me possible.

How am I going to do all of that?  Great question!  Stay tuned for a few upcoming posts as I will share the steps I am taking.  

Here's a clue one of those steps...

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  1. Great total, Craig. Next time you're breaking 1000.



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