Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chris Rock Teaches Me About Crossfit

I was listening to NPR the other morning, and Chris Rock was being interviewed.  How could I not listen?!  I normally don't go for comedians who curse, cuss, and carry on, but Chris Rock CRACKS.  ME.  UP.  He's starring on Broadway in a new play which I'd love to see.  During the interview, Rock talks about being interviewed by Conan O'Brian explaining how he still gets nervous about performing after all his years of success.  This struck a chord with me as I was just having this discussion with a fellow Crossfitter the other night.  

We were about to row a 2K for time and the top three male and female times make the record board, an honor as a Crossfitter.  I've NEVER made the board and don't really concern myself with it.  It's not why I work out and I'm pretty sure it's not why anyone works out there.  But before the row, the girl next to me states, "I don't know why I get so nervous.  I've been doing this since June."  She took the words right out of my brain that night.  In fact, before most crazy, taxing Crossfit workouts, I get those butterflies.  

So Chris Rock taught me a lesson about myself and without cussing.  He says Conan told him, "You are still smart enough to be nervous."  And so Chris Rock affirmed what I've been feeling and thinking as he says.....

"Anything you could suck at should make you nervous."  ......and......

"One should always be cognizant of how bad it could go."

I guess one would call it humility.  Others may call it being competitive.  I think about it as respecting the sport.   Either way, it made sense to me.  

This says it all.....

My 2K Row Time:  7:11  (good enough for second on the board!)


Seemed like the most fitting for the blog.  

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  1. Haha I liked that video with Chris Rock and it seems kind of true in the U.S. that doctors profit from keeping people sick.

    Where I come from the health care system is different, it is run by the government and everybody in the country gets free health care. It's in nobody's best interest to keep people sick, except the drug and junk food companies.



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