Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Need a Do Over

I wish there was "one thing" I could figure out that would keep me focused and disciplined 24/7.  You see, I need a "do-over" as Billy Crystal's character talks about later in this movie.  This week, for whatever reasons, I've not paid too much attention to my diet.  I've had pizza, beer, and some sweets.....all foods I try to limit considerably.  No big deal, really.  I've also had vegetables, meat, and other more healthy choices.  However, I don't feel focused.  I don't feel like I have a purpose or mission in relationship to my eating.  I know that I'm in that lull at work trying to get so Spring Break.  I'm over it with the Midwestern cabin fever as we are in the 40's again in Indiana.  So while I know I don't always need to be aiming for something, I do know that I feel better when I'm more focused on what I'm eating and why I'm eating.  

Some observations about how I have felt:

--My stomach felt awful after the sugar intake especially yesterday when I had a donut and grazed at "donut pieces" later in the morning.  After literally eliminating sweets for a long period of time, the sugar intake made me feel like I wanted to throw up afterwards.

--I was hungrier than usual from the sugar up and down.

--Beer, bread, etc means this....
.....and I mean like the scene from Blazing Saddles!!!!

--I have had less energy the past two weeks as I've not planned my meals well nor have I eaten as frequently on smaller meals in between breakfast, lunch and dinner.  

--My mood is impacted by my eating.  I don't feel as confident about working out when I'm not eating as well as I can.  The two go hand in hand....for me.  

So I need a do over.  Saturday, I strolled in to Crossfit Carmel, fresh off a dinner of frozen pizza and a couple of beers not feeling confident in the fact that we were re-doing our Crossfit Sectional workout from last week to see if we could improve our scores.  The workout was....

In 10 minutes complete as many rounds as possible of....

30 double unders
15 ground to overhead (75 lbs.)

To give you some comparison, here's a video of a guy who is in the Top 10 in the region.  He completes three whole rounds more than I do.

Last week I posted 4 rounds plus 17 double unders.
My do over:  4 rounds plus 30 double unders plus 3 ground to overhead.  

I was pleased. Perhaps this was the catalyst to my diet needing a do over.  Because it does. 

With Spring Break next week, I'm calling a do over with my diet as well.  It's back to basics for me:  Better portion control, more veggies than meat, limited to no bread, bye bye sweets, and only one cheat night per week.   

It's easy to get in ruts.  The reason my weight has yo yo'd my whole life is due to falling in ruts.  No rocket science there.  However, the key is finding "that one thing" just like Curly says.  I'm not sure what it is well enough to put it into concise words just yet, but I'm getting there and I will share it soon.  I know I need a do over and I know I've not completely fallen off the wagon.  I just don't feel like I've had the structure and discipline the past couple of weeks like I've had in the past.  Call it a rut.  I'm just glad it's smaller than the ones I've drowned in before.  

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