Monday, March 28, 2011

Just Keep Swimming

When I was eight or nine years old, my mom took me to the local YMCA for swimming lessons.  I was outdoors and remember being herded like cattle with other "minnows", "tadpoles" or whatever pet fish name they had for us novice toddlers.  I remember being nervous and a bit scared as I was certainly small fish in a big pond.  It bored me to some extent. 

Fast forward to last week when I attended an introductory, free workshop on sprint triathlons put on by the owner of Team Go, a local triathlon training group here in Indianapolis.  I've thought for awhile that I want to start applying my fitness progress to something else:  a half marathon PR, a crazy obstacle course race/run, or possibly my first sprint triathlon.  With a sprint triathlon, I get to cross-train, continue my endurance training, and it "changes things up" and provides a new type of goal for which to strive.  

So Sunday morning, I drove a few miles away to a local fitness center, paid my $8.00 and for an hour, and received individual attention in the pool.  What a humbling experience!  Lisa, owner and founder of Team Go, broke down the swimming stroke with me as I swallowed and choked on water.  I really did not have much of an expectation, but I did not think I'd struggle quite like I did.  I could not even get my feet moving in conjunction with my breathing.  "Don't ride a bike with your feet," Lisa kept saying, "Keep your legs somewhat straight and relax."  Easier said than done.  

I knew I would not look like this....

Rather, I felt like I needed this lesson......

So I forged ahead, spending an hour working on my stroke, swallowing more water, and wanting to do things the right way.  I wish I could say, "It was like learning to swim", but I guess that would not make sense.  I guess I felt like I was learning to walk all over again.  I've known how to swim for a long time, but not like this....not efficiently....not technically, and not for 500 meters, the length of a sprint triathlon.  

So I've decided this is something I want to pursue.  It's easy on the joints:  no knee pounding. I'm not good at it at all, and so it gives me a new challenge to reach, overcome, conquer.  It's a new way to keep fit and over the course of time, as I get better, I'll be able to exercise in a way that is easier on the body.  In the meantime, I'm sore like I was when I first started Crossfit, eight months ago.  

So I'm interested in what you have to say.  Leave me a comment and share the following:  What is something that you would like to do better that is hard for you?  

In the meantime, I'll be adhering to this......

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  1. Good for you to work on a new skill. I'd love to be able to run uphill with ease. I'm doing a 50-mile trail run next month with 11k feet of climbing. In years past, the uphills have killed my time. I mean, what do you have to do to power out of the 33 mile aid station facing a 4 mile uphill? (I know the answer: train running up hills). I just wish there was an easy button for it.



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