Saturday, October 16, 2010

Paleo Challenge

I just finished a 30 day Paleo challenge:  meat, veggies, fruit, and nuts.  No grains.  No dairy.  No legumes.  No sugar.  I dove into this w/two day's notice, something not like me at all.  30 days later, I feel amazing!  I've survived parties at friends with chips, dips, etc.  I've survived ordering the right Paleo food in a restaurant.  I've said no.  I've taken the verbal harassment from friends when I wasn't drinking.  And it was all worth it.  I have more energy.  My stomach doesn't hurt anymore.  I have more endurance during workouts.  I am stronger.  And I am more confident.

While I am unsure if I could live a Paleo lifestyle 24/7/365, I do think I will take the following principles with me permanently (at least that is my plan):

1.  I don't need bread or grains at breakfast.  Fruit, almond mile, eggs, or meat are all fine for me.
2.  Breakfast must be my largest meal of the day.
3.  Dinner does not have to be a huge production
4.  Eating can be about sustaining, not always about indulging.
5.  I like fruit now and I only need 1-2 servings of it per day.
6.  Spicing up food can replace the taste cravings I used to have for other less healthy foods.
7.  Saying no is easy.  I will need to do it more often if I want to maintain my health to my expectations.
8.  I don't need rice...even brown rice.
9.  A cheat/indulge day is a must but w/in reason.
10.  Fighting cancer is hard.  This dietary lifestyle is not.

People as me, "How much weight have you lost?" and "Why are you doing this?  It looks ridiculous."
My answer is as follows:  I love working out and pushing myself.  I have fitness and health goals I want to achieve.

I want to run a sub 2 hour half marathon.
I want to do a triathlon.  At least a sprint tri and maybe longer.
I want to lose my gut permanently.
I want to be strong enough to do my Crossfit workouts w/out having to modify anything.  Ever.

At age 38 I have finally, finally realized the only, ONLY way to be as healthy as I want to me must entail a consistent, smart diet and the same rigorous exercise I enjoy.  For this reason, I have started this blog as an attempt to have a way to share my thoughts, findings, conclusions, and experiences in hopes of connecting with others as enthusiastic as I am.  Hope you enjoy as much as I do.



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