Friday, October 22, 2010

Take on Me

I started this blog with the intent of combining my Crossfit, eating, and wellness experiences together in on one place.  That way, I get a chance to share what's swimming around in my mind, and hopefully create an online community of like-minded folks.  With the awful timing of a back injury at last week's weekend hopper (I want another crack at you Deck of Death WOD!  It was not you who did me in, rather my poor form and lack of stretching!) I have found myself steered more towards the food side of my wellness.  As I mentally wrestled with whether to create the My Progress page, I concluded that if I did, it would be even more of a motivator to keep things going.  (I consider myself the average guy....suburban living, work for a public school, and my weight has yo yo'd over the years as has my fitness.)  Now, going to Crossfit is never a hard thing, however continually eating well....I mean day in and day out eating a battle......for anyone!  At breakfast with the family yesterday I had another "aha" moment.  ("Take on Me" was not playing, but you can hear it, can't you?!).

It hit me.  The key (for me) is getting to the point where you can combine eating for sustainment AND eat for enjoyment.  It's hard for me not to do something 110% when I set my mind to it.  Train for a half marathon:  nothing gets in my way.  Get a great, creative idea at work:  110%!  However, like the rest of society, sometimes my expectations are so high and sometimes the adrenaline is so astronomical that the ends don't sometimes justify the means.  Oh, the letdown.

Eating well is no different for me.  I come from a long line of emotional and conversational eaters.  I love beef brisket, bagels, lox and cream cheese, pizza, sausage, pasta, carrot cake, dark, hoppy beer, and food, food food!!!  However, the food will be here long after I am gone.  "All things in moderation!!!" you scream.  I agree.  "How is all of that food so bad??!?!" you reply?  It's not.  However, did I say I love food?

My Paleo experiment was just that, but I love how I feel after the 30 days.  I miss pasta and I don't want meat all of the time.  I plan to treat myself to some hoppy libations (I love pale ales!), now and then, but i don't need it for the whole weekend.  I have to mentally remind myself that I am full after a plate of food is gone, and here's a big one........When there is "nothing in the house to eat", I don't need a huge meal production.  In the's really all about me, what I eat, and how I choose to fuel my body.  It's a slippery slope because it's easy to lose steam and fall of the wagon.  At this point in the game, I've worked too hard and seen too much progress that I've never seen.  Come on food.  Take on me!

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