Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Taste and Indigestion

Today I had little to pack for my lunch.  I found some canned tuna and mixed in a tablespoon of organic wasabi mayo (non Paleo).  I sliced up a green pepper and ate it raw.  I also work in a school, so I went back to my old friend:  the school salad bar.

I made my usual mound of vegetable artwork mixing up color and textures.  ( broccoli is nasty!  It looks like my 5 year old's plastic food pieces in her play kitchen!  I stay away from that.)  So I had to make a critical decision.  Salad dressing or not.  Back in the day, I ate honey mustard like it was water.  Previous to my Paleo experiment, I always added some salad dressing.  However, today I drizzled maybe a tablespoon and a half.  And today......I have INDIGESTION in my upper chest and near my throat.  You know, that hot stuff that neither comes up or goes down.  It just kind of hangs out there.  The only thing I changed about my diet today was the salad dressing.  I've had a bit of the mayo before, so I knew that could not be it.

Conclusion:  GOODBYE SCHOOL (and other heavy) SALAD DRESSINGS!!!

Oh......and goodbye nasty mayo filthy chicken salad.  It just looked awful.  (I used to eat a small plate of that and pile it on crackers.)  Just looking at it made me want to toss my cookies.

Conclusion: My tastes and food desires for some things have really changed.

Where I've usually finished things hardcore and fallen off the wagon, the Whole 9 30 Paleo Challenge continues to have a profound impact on my health, diet, and lifestyle!

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