Thursday, February 3, 2011

Makeover and More Motivation....

Blog post #2 in one day, I know, but this ice storm has us stir crazy, so while the kids are finally outside sledding....ON ICE....I have a few new motivators to share while it's still today.

For starters.....The blog has a facelift.  No.....didn't go to Oprah again.  However, good old friends are a beyond valuable.  They are irreplaceable.  Our dear friend Kathy, a most talented freelance graphic designer, helped me overhaul the design of the blog today.  Hope you like it a fraction of the amount that I love it.  When I asked if I could advertise for her FOR FREE, she declined.  Take her and my childhood, college best friend and husband out to eat?  Boot.  Trade services once I'm a certified Holistic Health Counselor?  Not interested.  Such a great-hearted friend, but I'll get her.  I'll pay her back and forward.  I can't tell  you how motivating the new look is for me.  Again.  Hope you like it.  And if you blog, feel free to snag my new button.  

The html code is on the left side on the front of the blog.

Secondly, this came in the mail today....
It's all my materials for my year-long program to become a Holistic Health Coach.  All the motivation in the world to keep on truckin'.

This one's for you Mike and Jay (and to my childhood and college friend Kevin who lost his life at too young of an age.  How I miss him!)

Motivation for Today:  Invest time in something I'm passionate about.

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