Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yesterday's Motivation and Today

Yesterday........Another day of school called off due to the recent winter ice storm across much of this part of the country. This let me get out of the house again for the CFC lunchtime WOD which was the following:

Todays skill work with be power cleans. Take three warm up sets and find a good weight where you can perform 8 single reps every minute on the minute.
Skill: 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1 power cleans performed every minute on the minute.
wod:   “Birthday Boy”  for time (there is no RX weight for this wod, find a good weight and work on form)
It’s Lin’s 47th birthday today!
47 pull-ups
47 wall balls
47 ring push-ups (modify with hand release push-ups)
47 kb swings

I was pretty sore from yesterdays workout, so I did all I could do to take some of the best advice I've heard in awhile when pertaining to Crossfit, however I firmly believe it can relate to anyone despite what your workout routine, regiment, or schedule may be. That advice is......

You don't have to go all out, balls to the wall, hard as you can every time out.  Some times it's about working hard, thinking about form, pace, or rhythm and getting a good workout. 

So I didn't, and so I did.  What?!?!?!?!?

I went hard, but I did not put my mind in the same place I did when trying to get after a PR i.e. my baseline last week.  My back was sore from yesterday (freakin' 70 lb. kettlebell will do that to ya, huh?!).  But I came away with not the best time on the whiteboard

But it didn't matter to me.  Today, this is what I could do and I did not have to look at that board and see that I was better than someone else, because on this day it was just about getting in a workout that was challenging (ok, what Crossfit WOD isn't?!??) and safe.  Mission accomplished and I felt good!

I'm sore today.  Go figure.  I'm almost 39, and I don't stretch nearly enough.  My lower back is a bit sore and my legs feel like I ran at least a 10K yesterday.  In my home we are on day three in a row of school being called off, so we are swapping kids with our dear friends.  To go to Crossfit or not?  That would be three days in a row.  Great advice #2 I am starting to follow (from the same person...Thanks Lin!!!!) is.......

Rest and recovery is often the best part of exercise.

I used to never pay attention to this and guess what.......


Not today.  The WOD at CFC is all squatting and I'm just getting my knee back to feeling pain free.  Couple that with just being too sore, and it's all the motivation I need to focus on other aspects of my fitness:  stretching and eating well today.

My motivation today is rooted in how far I have come since June (update photos here) of this past year.  I debated on how to share this without appearing self-serving, arrogant, or sounding like a braggart.  I was doing some work for my health coaching career with The Institue for Integrative Nutrition  and I got to adding another picture of my progress to the blog.  As I sat and looked over my pictures from the past few months and reflecting on what has worked and what hasn't, that was all the motivation I needed to past couple of days to start thinking that sometimes......

Working smarter is healthier than working harder.  

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