Friday, February 25, 2011

Report Card

It's been a few days since I've had anything to share mainly because I'm still nursing that damn groin injury.  If you read my previous post from Monday, I talked about focusing on three things.  Well, here's my personal assessment as the week draws to a close.  

1.  My Diet:  A-
I vowed to eat Paleo 100% for the entire week, and I've done mostly that.  My thinking was that if I want expedite the healing of my groin, then I needed to eat foods that do not cause any sort of inflammation or add to the inflammation already going on in my body.  Aside from logging my food, I can tell you that the only food I've crept back in is one bowl of oatmeal and I added pure maple syrup to it yesterday.  Grains are known to cause inflammation.  You can read about that here.  

2.  Stretching:  C
Why is this so difficult for me to do?  It's simple.  It does not take much time.  I need it just like eating well and exercising, and I know I will be injured the more I neglect it.  My answer:  I have to remember that I need to do it even when I'm not working out.  I returned to Crossfit the other night and took it easy, modifying any movement that would put strain on my groin.  I took time to stretch a fair amount before the workout, but of course, I raced home afterwards so my wife can get out the door to go do her thing. So I neglected my post-stretch which is probably the best time TO stretch.  I have done some light stretching even when not working out, but not like I need to.  If my teacher were reporting it would say, 
"Craig is a pleasure to have in class, but he needs to really get organized with his stretching."

3.  Yoga:  A
Monday, since I was off for President's Day, I subscribed to Yogatoday.  While I'd much rather go somewhere to do yoga, I don't need another expense and another thing to schedule around the family, so I decided to do the online thing.  While it's not optimal, it is better than nothing.  I held my commitment in that I did it and plan to do it at least once per week for a month.  It's ten dollars a month for unlimited access to countless yoga videos.  However, it's very difficult for me.  I made myself start at the Novice level as I am very inflexible and need a review of some basic movements.  I find that after about 30 minutes, I lose focus and it becomes uncomfortable.  Hell, they say downward dog is supposed to be a rest position?!?!?!  
I have a long way to go, but I like the relaxation, spiritual side of yoga.  Very relaxing amazingly enough.  

So I'm going to add a new section to the Report Card:  

4.  Rest/Recovery:  
Perhaps I should just call this Being Smart.  As much as I love working out, I know that I'm in the middle of one of the worst injuries I've had in quite some time.'s a stupid one in that it was totally avoidable.   I've been very good about returning to exercise and listening to my body.  Last night was the third time back at it and I went to Crossfit with every intention of doing the complete workout.

Here was the WOD (Workout of the Day) from yesterday.

Skill:  Accumulate the following:
1:00 of L-Sits
2:00 of HSPU hold
3:00 of Hollow Rock
4:00 of Plank (face down or on side) holds

Wod: 5 rounds for time of:
21 OverHead walking lunges w/45 lb. bar overhead
21 Burpees

If you are not accustomed to Crossfit, the Skill stuff is all core work.  I omitted everything except the Plank as my groin was pissed for even trying the others. Because the 45 lb. bar added extra strain on my injury, I bagged it and decided to sub in 30 step ups to a 20 inch box instead.  So my WOD became:
5 Rounds for time of...
30 step ups (20 inch box)
21 burpees
TIME:  18:27
I got a great sweat.  I worked at a steady pace, and I just listened to my body.  

Teacher Comments:  "Craig tends to want to do more than he should and sometimes needs an extra reminder not to be stupid with his injury.  I know he really wants to compete in the Fight Gone Bad WOD this weekend, so I hope he'll be smart and wait for the next time this great workout comes around.  I hope he will continue to make strides in listening to his body so he can make a full recovery."


  1. Yoga is no joke. I definitely need to incorporate it more. It's great for mobility, and some of those power and warrior yoga types are bodyweight beasts.

  2. Keep at it Craig! Workouts and recovery go hand in hand.



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