Tuesday, February 1, 2011


My parents grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and I have fond memories of going there while my other friends bragged about the beaches of Florida.  However, I couldn't imagine not growing up knowing about real Italian ices, how to play stoop ball, and what real pizza is.  My great grandmother was Eastern European and talked Yiddish a lot.  I thought she was just cussing at us.  She was a big woman who could have started at defensive line for the Jets.  (Sorry Mike and Jay.  My extended family didn't support the G-Men.)   I remember Grandma Rosen (we called her) baking in the kitchen with those dangling arms the size of meat hooks.  She was a good cook.  I'm pretty sure she was a great cook.  I have fond memories of running up to her apartment and her yelling, "Ahhh....here comes my tatala!!"  

So potato latkes are a huge part of my family and remain so come Passover time in the spring.  Nothing beats an oily, crispy, partially burnt potato pancake.  And if you are feeling really sexy, you'll add some sour cream on top or apple sauce with cinnamon on the side.  Whew!  I need a few seconds to myself.....

Nice and crisp on the edges

I need this guy in my house!


So on my Crossfit box's blog, there is a widget that read VEGGIE LATKES!!!!  Ok.....I have to admit....you could type Snot Latkes and I may take a look.  I gave it a whirl and now this healthy meal just may become a staple in my home.  The recipe comes from Marks Daily Apple, a website full of great information on The Primal Blueprint, another very Paleo way of eating.  Very similar.  Check out the recipe here.

I used the same amount of veggies and eggs he calls for.  We had plenty of zucchini and carrots so that's what I used, and I added cinnamon and wow!  No oil.  I used coconut oil.  Now......if you really want your kids on board and if you are caaaraaaaazy too, you'll do EXACTLY WHAT I SAY and add a dallop, wallop, dab, or dot of raw honey on top of each.  Do it!  Well worth it!  You don't need much.  

Here's what they looked like.....

The mixture in the bowl

Cooking away on the flipside

Finished product

The Verdict:  "DAD.....CAN WE HAVE SOME MORE?!"

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  1. So are these kosher for passover? Are these "healthy" because you use coconut oil vs. vegetable oil? Very intriguing. Have you made apple sauce?? So easy and my kids would kill for it.



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