Friday, February 4, 2011

Zen Motivation

My dear wife has had this for many years now.  I used to cuss at it as it leaked sand all over the counter, table, and floor.  That was then........

This is now.....Our family Zen Garden.  It doesn't live in a very good spot, but I'm convinced in our Forever Home it will prominently live on display.  

Zen Gardens

For centuries, Japanese Zen masters have cultivated gardens of harmoniously arranged rocks and white raked gravel - creating silent havens for peaceful contemplation.

By cultivating a miniature Zen garden - reducing for a moment the day’s problems to a few waves of sand against the rocks - one may come away feeling as if the rest of life has become simpler.

In my younger, less mature days, I failed to allow the peace and simplicity the garden could bring to my day, my life.  However, there is something to be said for life experiences allowing new ideas and motivation to cultivate.  A few minutes per day reflecting, scraping, designing, and just being are good motivators.  Perhaps playing this in the background with that (Sorry's not quite DBT....I'll get there.)

And so this brings me to another recommendation for you.  

I wish there was some kind of button or picture to provide you, but this guy is so simple (here's info. on him), he doesn't put one there.   This is one of the best blogs I've stumbled upon lately.  The tag line says it all...

"Smile, Breathe, and Go Slowly."

It's packed full of great motivating, real, and simple stuff.  It should be a part of your day.  It makes a difference in mine.

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