Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Month of Motivation

Well.....It's February 2nd already.  Time for many people to forget about their resolutions for the year.  Thank goodness I did not make any.  Last month I shared my feelings on New Year's resolutions.    

Now that I'm done with my second 30 Day Paleo Challenge, I need a new "something" to keep me going. Some sort of motivator.  So......I think this month will be devoted to all things motivating.  I'm not sure where I'm going to go with it, but I needed some motivation yesterday. 

Here's why.....

Indiana is smack in the middle of a major ice storm and we are all but sick of winter.  

However, this did not stop me from venturing out to CFC for the lunchtime WOD today.  

wod: 4 rounds for time (time cap is 10 minutes)
250m row
10 kettlebell swings (1.5/2 pood)
6 box jumps 24/36 (add plates for the men’s box)

 A normal Crossfit box for guys is 24".  36" means you need to start stacking 45 lb. plates on top of an already large box.  The idea of this WOD is to hone in on your form.  Funny that what I thought would be the hardest part of this workout, the jumps, turned out to not be all that bad.  However, a 70 lb. that's another story.  

Here's a pic of my box today.  I was proud of the two extra plates I added on.  Didn't fall once.

Here's a few shots of me in action.  Good thing there aren't style points.  Not sure what the deal with my hand is.  Looks like I'm ready to wax on/wax off Karate Kid style.

And here's the motivation to keep at it.  These guys were fun to watch.  

Lin:  Owner of CFC....Yep....FOUR PLATES!!

SOLID LANDING......Every Time!

BILLY:  FIVE....Count 'em.....FIVE friggin' plates!!!

......and a safe landing....every time.

Both of those guys finished under 10 minutes.  

Me:  I got through the kettle bell swings at 10 minutes flat and had only 6 box jumps left.  Sounds simple, huh?

And so this was motivation for me today.  So what if I ONLY had two plates on there.  The thing I love is that there is always someone present getting it done better than me.  Instead of beating myself up with what I didn't do, I choose to look at these guys and use it as motivation at what I can shoot for some day.  

  Here's one of my favorite motivators...

And so if it's working out or eating well, stay tuned for a month of motivators.  

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