Sunday, February 6, 2011

Motivating Music

We are an XM Radio family.  Never did I think in a million years places would be charging $2.45 for a large.....err....."Venti" (come on...really?  It's Indiana!) coffee let alone pay for radio, but I love my XM radio.  My go to station:  XM 45: The Spectrum where I broke down and downloaded music from a group that I keep thinking about.

"I'm gonna live I'm alright.  I'm gonna die it's alright. I'm o.k." has been motivating the past several weeks, so I bucked up and bought the whole album for a steal at $7.99.  

It's not Metallica, Springsteen, U2, or R.E.M., all go to's for me when working out.  However, sometimes the best motivating music to "get moving" in whatever way you "move" is something not so loud, angry, or political.  (Don't get me wrong friends.  If the Edge runs for President, I'm lobbying to be his campaign manager.  I'm like those girls at the old Beatles show at a U2 show.....

Well....not quite, but on the inside I am.

I used to think the music I needed to motivate me to work out needed to be loud and heavy...that all still works sometimes, but as I was running more and more I discovered I needed tunes that helped me relax while I ran longer distances.  I wanted rhythms that helped me "go somewhere" to take my mind off of whatever was crowding it at the time.  And now that I've been at Crossfit for the past 7 months, I realize I don't even hear the blaring tunes screaming from the speakers so what does it matter.  Now, I still like that stuff once in awhile.  i.e. when I'm creating my own workout in the garage.  My latest carrot dangling in front of me is a band my good ol' buddy Jim keeps throwing at me.

"Rawk and Roll" as they like to say.

Recent music that motivates (me)
(lyrically and musically)
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes
The National
Plain White T's
The Kings of Leon

Any more, I'm more of a singer/songwriter/acoustical folk person around the house, but.......

The Foundation of My Musical Motivation
Bruce Springsteen
Talking Heads
The Police

Favorite Album to Date

Leave me a comment and let me know what music motivates you.

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