Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Night Lights

Maybe you played football, or maybe your remember going to your Friday night football game in high school. One of my best friends swears by the show "Friday Night Lights".  It does look pretty cool, but I am resisting one more show to "catch up on via Hulu or by way of dvd. 

After all.....I was just the kicker in high school for one year.  (Oh....and in college....go Hanover Panthers!  So it was only division III but hey....I was on the team)  I've digressed.....

My current "Friday Night Lights" looks like this tonight.  

I'm looking forward to beating my previous time from two months ago.  

I've come to realize that a stumbling block to my fitness is the weekends.  While no real surprise to many, I've found a way to fight back:  Work out on Friday night!!!!  It makes me do the following:
  • Focus my eating for another day so that I am fueled appropriately for the endurance needed that night.
  • Focus my post workout eating efficiently, so I do not waste my workout on eating poorly post-WOD.
If the weekends are harder for you to keep your nutrition together, I highly recommend finding something like this to look forward to.  I look forward to the Friday night WOD at Crossfit Carmel often with the same enthusiasm as I did in the video above.  

I actually dreamed of Friday nights being THIS for me.....

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