Monday, December 6, 2010


I work in a school office and "it's that time of year."  Here is all the food leftover of late.  See that bag with the yellow clip.  That's right.  Chex Mix!!!  My worst nightmare.  If you read my last post, I referred to a book I was reading (just finished it) aimed at teens improving their lives.  However, many of the things discussed can apply to all of us.  Those ghosts I discussed are everywhere, but on the counter in this pic I see a mess of vampires, or "negative influences that draw you in and steal your identity."  The solution to vampires, according to author and motivational speaker Josh Shipp, is self esteem.  Confidence.  For me, food is a constant battle.  But during "this time of year" I have to do the following to stay on track:

Talk to myself:  "I don't need that." or "One handful will lead to five."  
Walk the other way.
Turn my head and literally do not look at the food when I walk by.  

As far as I have come after six months of Crossfit and after my turn to the "Paleo Side", I still know that I could take that bag of Chex Mix and bury it in a matter of minutes.  I think people often think folks into their health or in touch with how to work out don't struggle with food.  Well, for me that is not true.  Food vampires are everywhere and I was not going to ruin my workout today with a bag of Chex Mix.  I knew that I couldn't make it to Crossfit today, so at home I modified the WOD:

100 pushup's in a row.  Each time stopping do 45 air squats.  Do not exceed 20 minutes.

Total for me was 100 push up's and 225 air squats.  Time:  12:07

I couldn't do that six months ago. 
 Not worth a vampire!  
Oh.....and just because.

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