Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm Not Perfect, BUT.......

I am a counselor for a living, and one great technique I tend to point out is when someone uses the word, "but" in the middle of a sentence.  Like this....

"I wanted to say I was sorry, but I thought if I did....blah blah blah." 

Everything after the "but" is white noise, pointless, and an excuse.  I try not to use but, BUT it's not easy.  

When it comes to my eating, I try to be pretty spot on.  I am not perfect.  I indulge.  I have to.  It keeps things real.  This blog keeps me motivated, on track.........focused most of the time.  MOST.  Since I work in a school, I have the past two weeks off.  I've had my favorite hoppy suds.  I've eaten more than I should have, yet it's not a habit.  I get right back on the train the next day and get it going in the right direction.  Not the case a year ago.  Not the case before I educated myself.  Before I found the resources and people with whom I surround myself with now.  

When I return to work on January 3rd, it's game on.  Another 30 day Paleo challenge (and I'll report on my journey regularly).  However, 95% of the week I don't diet.  I HAVE a diet.  And it consists of foods that are:



PALEO (most of the time)

That's easier than listing all the crap I don't eat.  i.e. high fructose corn syrup, sugar, pop/soda, etc.....

I don't eat perfectly all the time. the same time.......

My father lost his battle with cancer 8 years ago.  He had just retired, was a traveling the world, and adored his grandchildren, my sister's kids.  He never got to meet my kids.  My first child was born a year after his passing. Cancer struck.  I hate cancer.  However, I never met my paternal grandfather.  Cancer got him before my dad was in college.  You see where I'm going?  

I want to do all I can in my time on this planet to make sure that I see my grandchildren.  So that I can break the cycle.  While I will let myself indulge around the holidays, I no longer fall off all the way like I used to.  I think it's because I finally have that balance:  

The food knowledge + a consistent mode of exercise that I enjoy. 

There are a ton of resources out there about how certain foods can cause cancer and how others can help prevent them.  Here's a few I've found....

  I will say that I don't get consumed in reading all the research and proving what works and what doesn't.  This is a choice I make.  I feel better when I eat this way, and I don't want to feel the other way.  I'd rather give this a shot seeing as though we have to eat.  I'd rather eat my way to preventing THE BIG C rather than popping pills to do so some day.  

I want to see my grandchildren someday.  Plain and simple.

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