Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Power is Definitely On!

It's been a long time since I got a massage.  After seven months of Crossfit, a lower back strain that put me out for a week, a chronic knee problem, and now a wrist/hand issue that flares up at night (long story), I decided it was time.  Gotta love Groupon!  $40 dollar one hour massage at a wonderful spot in Noblesville, Indiana called Pathways to Wellness.  I've also added them to the Health Resources page.

I have never met nicer people.  I walked in and have rarely been greeted so genuinely.  The karma in that place is palpable.  While a yoga class was going on, I filled out the obligatory paperwork and was promptly on my way.

A counselor by trade, I'm somewhat sensitive to others' social graces.  Beth exceeded any expectations I may have had.  (I really had none).  She listen to me describe my aches and pains, and before I knew it, I was "in the zone" on the table, and she tended to them all.

I used to think of massages as that "treat yourself and feel good all over pampering" kind of thing.  I used to give anything for a deep tissue massage and gave not thought except to feeling relaxed.  Given my new "pathway" to fitness, I now see massage as beneficial to my fitness.  It helps flexibility, recovery, and performance.  While pricey in many places (sans Groupon of course), my knee, shoulders, and hands feel great.  I'm anxious to see how I feel come my next WOD.  My buddy and chiropractor Mike always says, "The power is on." after an adjustment.  While I tease him about that sometimes, he's right.  Man, do I feel like the power is on after that massage.  After Fight Gone Bad yesterday (posted a 292 for the first time), I'm amazed I had any power left.

Thanks Beth and Pathways to Wellness!  I will be back with a new outlook on massage and hope to take up a few yoga and flexibility classes as well.

The power is on!!

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