Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's All Ball Bearings These Days!!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year.  And so in offices everywhere, junk food persists.  Today, I found myself wandering to our kitchen area, opened that "special" cabinet door, and here is what I found.  I told you about my love of Chex Mix the other day.  The problem I had today was to the need to get to the grocery store.  I resorted to packing the following:

1 sweet potato
1 apple
1 clementine
3 slices of turkey lunch meat
carrots and celery

Clearly a day of eating to sustain and not much for pleasure.

My breakfast consisted of the usual three eggs, and today I had two slices of turkey lunch meat with it.  I was pressed for time, so I did not make the time for getting in any veggies this a.m.  MISTAKE.  Because I was pretty hungry today and I did not have any good source of protein to fill me up.  

So there were those Ghosts and Vampires staring me in the face!!!!!

What did I do?  Well, I work in a school, so not two seconds later I hear, "Uh.....Mr. Spinner....can I talk to you?"  (A student needed to see to discuss an issue).  "Why are you taking a picture of food?"

I thought of that scene from Fletch when he tells the two airplane repair guys, "Don't tell me my business boys. I was just checkin' the luggage!!"  (That scene is most famous for, "Come on boys.  Maybe you need a refresher course.  It's all ball bearings these days!"  

My point here is that I planned poorly today, however I fought off those ghosts and vampires by being distracted by my work.  The reality is that I could have dug into the comfort food and told the student to hang on a second.  I think what kept me away was the fact that I weighed myself this a.m. and I'm down to a record low 237 lbs. since starting Crossfit six months ago.  That, coupled with I had a fairly successful WOD last night which you can check out here.  No way was I going to let myself go for a "quick fix".  Damn, it was hard.  I LOVE CHEX MIX!!!  It's a constant battle sometimes.

.......and I told the student I was "doing some detective work."  I wonder if she would have believed me if I told her I was "just checkin' the luggage!!!??!"  

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  1. A Fletch quote as the post title. That's great. I need to work some into my blog.

    Traffic was murder, you know. One of those manure spreaders jackknifed on the Santa Ana. Godawful mess. You should see my shoes.



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