Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh the Places You Could Go.....

Such a great book and should be a staple in any household, school, or just as a motivational reminder.  I thought of this children's classic today when a parent said to me, "I know she's not an A/B student, and she never will be."  As I verbally nodded on the phone, I wanted to throw up.  What I really wanted to say was.....

"Why not?"
"What can you do to help her improve her grades?"
"How about making a plan for her and sticking to it even when that plan ebbs and flows?"
"Perhaps sacrificing some things would help you put some time into her to help her achieve more."

All much easier said than done, but.......but..........It made me think about the lessons I've learned from Crossfit.  

Crossfit critics often point the finger at the often high reps of the movements required during WOD's (Workouts of the Day).  For instance, tonight's WOD at Crossfit Carmel was

For time
400m run
50 push-ups
50 medball slams
50 double unders
400m run
50 push-ups
50 medball slams
50 double unders

My time:  19:30.  100 total push ups.  100 total double unders.  100 total 20 lb. med ball slams.  That is a lot of reps.  However, what is great at CFC is that the coaches are protective of our form, always making sure that if our form is bad, they will step in, make us lower the weight, or coach us during a WOD to prevent injury.  I wish those critics would come to CFC.  Regardless.......

I love that after 20 push ups, I don't think I can do one more, but I have 30 to go.  What has Crossfit taught me?  To do five at a time.  Rest for a second or two.  Do five more.  And when I can't do five at a time?  I do 3 at a time.  Rest.  Do three more.  But.......In my mind.  I.  DON'T.  QUIT.  I tell myself that.  Each and every time, I tell myself that.  

Crossfit has taught me that I can do whatever I set my mind to doing.  I may not be the fastest or strongest person there, but I'm not aiming for that.  I'm shooting for making me the best me possible.  I'm looking to make me better WOD after WOD, lift after lift, movement after movement so that I am the healthiest me I can be.  It's much more than just going to the gym and pushing myself.  It's a state of mind that says, "Do this.  Do this no matter if you have to sacrifice your time or lower the weight, but don't not do this."  
Crossfit does so much more for me beyond the box. (Crossfit's term for "gym".)  While I'm not suggesting everyone run out and join the nearest Crossfit box, I am suggesting that if done right, like at CFC, it's an amazing method of working out and improving not just your health.  

If you are reading this and don't work out on a regular basis, it's my hope that you have something in your life that provides you with the same motivation as Crossfit does for me.  Something that helps you learn more about yourself and the world around you.  

You never know.....You could move mountains.......


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