Friday, January 7, 2011

Staying Busy, Planning, and Some Great Blogs

Well, it's the weekend and I'm coming up on the end of one week down with my 30 Day Paleo Challenge. You can see my Day 7 Food Journal here.  Starting last Saturday was a good thing for me seeing as though I put two weekend days in already.  The weekends.  They are always the most challenging for me.  Less structure.  More temptations.  I usually try to go to Crossfit on Friday nights as it forces me to continue eating well so I don't barf it up after.  I also won't blow my workout by eating poorly after it.  So I have the Friday night thing down.  Tomorrow...............

Need I say anything more?!  It's the playoffs!!!! So an 8 p.m. game poses some looming temptations.  But when my wife told me we were returning a babysitting favor for our friends.....wholah!  Problem solved.  I take the kids home to bed.  I plop in front of my t.v. and have the best seat in the house. And my neighbors know better than to tempt me this month.  You see, I think I learn a lot about myself as an eater when I partake in a 30 day challenge like the Whole 30 advocates.  I guess it's the same no matter what kind of "diet" you are on, but I don't like the word "diet" because, to me, it implies that it is temporary.  The one thing I really like about the Whole 9 site (they have created the Whole 30) is that they advocate for your eating being a lifestyle, a habit and not something you do for a period of time.  Although, when I am done with my 30 days, I treat myself to something like pizza or wings or beer.  But.....I only do that for one meal and not in too much excess.  At least I try.  The key is to get back on the wagon in the way that works for you the next meal or day and to live like that.........permanently.

By the way.  I feel great.  I feel energized.  My hand soreness has disappeared.  I'm sleeping really well and I wasn't when I was not eating a clean diet.  I need to plan my meals better, so I hope to do some of that this weekend.  I'm going to try a friend's homemade beef jerky recipe.  Our friend Lindsey shared it on her blog, which by the way......If you want OUTSTANDING food ideas.....check her blog out and check it daily.  She is a wealth of info. and she just started introducing Paleo into her family's life.  Her recipes are for all foods, but you can also find Paleo stuff there.  Click on the link below.  Her blog is titled "Enjoying Healthy Foods"


Another friend of mine just started blogging.  She and her husband both are Crossfit buddies of mine and Jen is sharing her experiences with being a full time mother, an avid Crossfitter, and an advocate of Paleo eating.  She is sharing great food ideas too at.......

I'd love to hear how your working out, nutrition plans are going and what challenges you.  Feel free to comment or drop me an email at

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