Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I MADE FIRE!!!!!!!!!

Remember this scene from the movie Castaway with Tom Hanks?  He is stuck on an island alone, the victim of a plane crash.  Great film.  While I can not fathom the mental strength needed to survive such a thing (Just ask Louie Zamperini.  Read my recent post about him.  HE'S amazing and he is NOT FICTITIOUS!), it's this scene that came to mind tonight when I was struggling to figure out what to do for dinner.  

I came home from work today and cooked up a bunch of sausage for morning breakfasts, and I steamed some broccoli for lunches.  While doing that, I noticed........nothing for dinner.  No meat thawed, but I have had plenty of meat today.  I needed to mix things up.  I knew we had a busy night.  The kids had dentist appointments.  I was going to Crossfit, and I had to hurry home so my wife could go to yoga soon after.  I was resigned and satisfied to have a salad for dinner and call it a night.  Then......in the depths of the freezer, our eyes met.  (Not my wife....she went to yoga, remember?!) 


I had forgotten we had this, and I love this stuff!!!
My spirits were lifted because I knew I'd crave something more than rabbit food....er....salad after working out.  
I stir fried this in a wok with coconut oil.  Threw in some fresh mushrooms, bell peppers, fresh spinach and steamed broccoli.  Added fresh garlic and lemon pepper to taste!  A successful Paleo dinner.



  1. hmm Seafood blend, I have not seen this there! I got some regular shrimp from there and plan on making coconut shrimp tomorrow night. I must search for the blend on my next trip there!

  2. It's a must, Jen!!! I always get a couple of packs when we are there!!!

  3. Seafood blend... not a fish guy. Do you have a red meat blend? Good blog!



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